Rental Property Investment Opportunities Added to Housing Company Website

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) June 25, 2014

New strategies to invest in rental homes throughout the state of Florida have been added to the services now found at the website. A new group of properties available as rental property investments can now be purchased.

The investing sessions that are part of each property sale are designed to provide fast-track training to any investor who is getting into the rental market for the first time. Because the Jacksonville, Florida market becomes stronger annually, new cash flowing opportunities can now be accessed.

“Our website is currently full of company training materials that any investor from any part of North America can access to learn about the ways we invest into real estate,” said a JWB Real Estate Capital source.

The rental services that are part of the expanded investor packages that are now available from the JWB company ensure monthly revenue is secured for each client through new tenant agreements. Every home that is purchased by an investor already comes with a contracted tenant paying between $ 700 to $ 1200 in rent.

“What our investing services provide to average investors is a consistent annual return unlike the ups and downs experienced in the stock market,” the source confirmed.

The JWB Real Estate Capital company has introduced a new training video this month that is entirely accessible through the homepage. A secondary training package is available for immediate download by entering an e-mail address to receive the download link to view the materials online.


The company is one definitive outlet that new investors utilize for discovering investment opportunities in the real estate industry on the Internet. This company has been featured and promoted inside leading periodicals since the year 2009 for its investing packages. The company has created a searchable website that details all of the training programs and investment opportunities that are available to national investment clients.