Real Estate Marketing Companies Selection Process Explained in New Online Training

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) April 15, 2014

Marketing homes for sale is now expected to be an easier process of selection thanks to new online training provided at the How to Market Houses website. Any person involved in the selling of a home this year can access the real estate marketing companies selection content now supplied at

This developed training is meant for beginners and experienced sellers who are seeking ways to improve success when marketing a house for sale without using a realtor. The downloadable content that is now produced is offered in webinar format and is scheduled to be updated throughout the year.

“Choosing a company to help with marketing services as a housing professional can be hard for a seller, and we’re now helping to make it a simpler process to choose a partner,” said Ryan Bush, owner of the website.

The marketing practices that some companies are using to find new buyers for properties are included in the new webinar content. Because strategies have changed in recent years based on Google guidelines, learning how to select the right promotion package from a marketer can be helpful to a person selling homes.

“Part of our content is based around helping to choose a company to work with and is also based around learning concepts to apply DIY solutions in place of hiring an agency,” said Bush.

The How to Market Houses company has remained a top resource in the U.S. to find up to date information about marketing and selling properties. Aside from the new downloadable training, an active blog is presenting other training content that can be accessed direct from the homepage this year.


The company is one of the national housing resources providing independent training direct from specialists in the real estate industry. The company website was founded in 2007 and remains one of the respected resources to review training information for professionals. The website currently features interactive webinars, blog content and other downloadable resources that are freely available to any seller of properties in North America. New content relevant for the current year for marketing properties has recently been added for immediate review.

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