New Game Plan Helps Heirs Sell Hudson Florida Homes Faster, Easier

(PRWEB) April 26, 2014

Selling the Hudson, Florida home mom and dad had retired to when the heirs have different needs became easier yesterday when a Tampa Bay brokerage that actually buys houses announced its new “Yours and Mine in Hours” home-buying special.

“The name of the special program is a tribute to the 1968 movie with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda about a couple named Beardsley with a large family from their multiple marriages,” said George Beardsley, broker-president of Advanced Realty Team, the Dunedin, FL-based brokerage boutique, that actually buys houses.

“The fact that we share the same last name as the characters in the movie was also fun,” he said. Under the new program designed to let multiple heirs turn a long-distance liability into cash quickly without having to list the home and wait for a buyer, each heir can select the payment method that is best for them.

“And the ‘in Hours’ wording shows that we buy houses fast,” he said.

“Suppose one heir has an immediate need for cash and the second heir wants more money and is willing to take payments for some period of time to get the increased payout,” Beardsley said.

“There are an infinite number of packages we can put together between all cash and all financing,” he said. “We will follow the desires of the deceased relative and have the closing conducted by a board-certified real estate attorney,” he said.

“This could be and extremely valuable tool for heirs if the house is under water, in or about to be in foreclosure,” Beardsley said. “We can turn a home with a mortgage bigger than the market value into cash for the heirs,” he said.

The new program will incorporate the standard features

Advanced uses to buying a house fast, the firm said. The seller pays no pay commission. There is no need to “list” the house with a Realtor and wait for a buyer, sometimes for months. And there is the certainty that the sale can take place as soon as title is clear.

“I am a Realtor, but I do not want to “list” a home and wait for someone else to come along and buy the house,” Beardsley said. “We actually purchase houses fast and pay all closing costs.”

In addition, Advanced buys houses as is so there is no need to fix the house in order to get it sold and the entire process can be done by mail.

“If someone in Chicago, Seattle or New York needs to sell a Florida estate home fast and easy, all they need to do is call Advanced,” Beardsley said.

“The heirs do not need to come to Florida if they choose not to,” he said.

“We will take the house as is and be responsible for disposition of anything left in the house,” he said.


George and Maryan Beardsley, two former stock brokers, founded Advanced in 1996 after spending several years working for a national franchise real estate firm and gradually doing a larger portion of their business buying and selling homes for themselves and financing sales for other Realtors.    They entered the real estate business the hard way, owing a home in Boca Raton Florida within a mile of the site for a planned garbage burning incinerator.

The Realtor they hired suggested owner financing which Maryan and George said sounded “stupid and scary.” But having little choice they sold and held the mortgage and the more they learned about creative financing, the more it seemed to be an important tool, especially when it is difficult to sell houses.

Eventually the buyer of their home refinanced and the Beardsleys received the full amount of cash for the sale, at top price and during a period when no one had been able to sell. “That really got our attention and we left stocks, commodities and bonds for real estate,” George said. The firm offers a number of ways of buying houses fast and lately has been offering affordable homes programs, using homes bought as rentals and rent to own homes.

In the last year, the firm has added an Internet marketing division to use some of the experience the firm has developed in Internet marketing for the purchase of houses fast and the various rental programs offered, including the Famous Rent to Own on Steroids™ and the Famous Foreclosure Rentals program.

Advanced also offers a service for local merchants where they guarantee the local firms’ website will be on the first page of Google.

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