Foreclosed Homes Now for Sale as Investment Properties at Capital Company Website

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) May 15, 2014

Buying homes that have entered the market as foreclosures is one way that investors rely on to build an investment portfolio. The JWB Real Estate Capital company is now offering foreclosed homes that are for sale as investment properties at

These homes are located in the Jacksonville, Florida area and are meant to provide any savvy investor with an easy entry into the housing market. The low sale price that is provided with each property is designed to reduce upfront costs for new investors.

“The standard method of paying for a house, upgrading it and trying to sell it has been improved with our turnkey properties for sale,” said a JWB Real Estate Capital source.

Home foreclosures in Florida currently makeup a large percentage of the housing market. The supply of houses that are now available for sale as rental properties have been renovated with professional contractors who have upgraded interior and interior elements to maximize ROI on each home.

“There are hundreds of turnkey homes that are in our company network that are successfully used by investors to earn monthly returns compared to other investment types,” said the source.

The JWB Real Estate Capital company website has increased in daily traffic volume this year thanks to new investing programs for the public. Downloadable investment packages are now part of the content provided online.


The company provides housing investment opportunities for investors throughout the United States. The company growth has increased annually based on different investments in the real estate market. The company has a full-time employee staff who help coach new investors and provide management services for housing portfolios. The company website offers free of charge content for a variety of turnkey real estate solutions on the Internet.

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