City Of Tampa To Build New Homes In Sulphur Springs

City Of Tampa To Build New Homes In Sulphur Springs
Reeshemah Green hopes she and her 4-year-old daughter, Legacy Green, will benefit from the new homes. Green bought her brand-new Sulphur Springs home in 2005 at the height of the real estate boom believing that it was a long-term investment.
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Tampa's gamble: New homes in Sulphur Springs
It's Tampa's toughest and most troubled neighborhood, and it's about to get an economic infusion. "I've got to stabilize the neighborhood. The patient is hemorrhaging, and until we stop the bleeding here, we can't start looking for a cure," offered …
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Miners blow up panther habitat, then build houses around new 'lakes'
To get the rock needed for making pavement and concrete, miners want to dynamite and dig up thousands of acres in Lee and Collier counties that's currently habitat for the Florida panther. When Central Florida's phosphate miners are done digging up …